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  • 2019/12/12 Drinking Water, on Demand and from Air
    Providing potable drinking water to deployed troops operating in low resource or contested environments is no simple undertaking. Logistics teams face great risk delivering water and often incur what would otherwise be preventable casualties. DARPA's new Atmospheric Water Extraction (AWE) program sets out to sharply reduce that risk by giving deployed units the technology to […]
  • 2019/11/22 Researchers Set to Decode Biological Circuitry That Drives Peak Performance and Resilience
    DARPA's Measuring Biological Aptitude (MBA) program begins and ends with the men and women of the United States military. The program - first announced in January 2019 - centers on how service members can access the potential of their own biological systems to achieve peak results across a range of military specializations, and aims for […]
  • 2019/11/21 Powering Future Optical Microsystems with Chip-Scale Integrated Photonics
    Lasers are essential to many fields – ranging from optical communications and remote sensing, to manufacturing and medicine. While the semiconductor laser was first demonstrated nearly 60 years ago, advances in diode lasers and access to semiconductor fabrication techniques have enabled continued innovation and miniaturization of the technology. Photonic integrated circuits (PICs), which combine many […]
  • 2019/11/15 Gene Editors Could Find New Use as Rapid Detectors of Pathogenic Threats
    In a twist on how gene editing technology might be applied in the future, DARPA's newest biotechnology funding opportunity aims to incorporate gene editors into detectors for distributed health biosurveillance and rapid, point-of-need diagnostics for endemic, emerging, and engineered pathogenic threats. The "Detect It with Gene Editing Technologies" (DIGET) program could help the Department of […]
  • 2019/11/14 DARPA’s Angler Program Awards Contracts to Advance Autonomous Underwater Systems
    DARPA has awarded six contracts for work on the Angler program, which aims to pioneer the next generation of autonomous underwater robotic systems capable of physical intervention in the deep ocean environment. This class of future unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) must overcome reliance on GPS and human intervention to support infrastructure establishment, maintenance, and resilience […]

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