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  • 2020/04/01 Underminer Aims to Demonstrate Feasibility, Benefits of Rapidly Constructed Logistics Tunnels
    DARPA has selected three performers to develop technologies and solutions for the Underminer program that would surpass current commercial drilling capabilities. Underminer aims to demonstrate the feasibility of rapidly constructing tactical tunnel networks to provide secure logistics infrastructure to pre-position supplies or resupply troops as they move through an area.
  • 2020/03/30 Episode 24: Preventing Pandemics
    We find ourselves in pandemic times. The global population is under siege by an infectious virus new to humankind. It's called Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, or SARS-CoV-2. It's the causative agent of the pandemic disease designated COVID-19. This viral adversary knows no politics. It recognizes no national boundaries. It is unconcerned with anyone's […]
  • 2020/03/27 Hallmark Transitions Key Strategies for Space Situational Awareness, Management
    The space domain is critical to national security. It also has become increasingly chaotic and crowded over the past decade as the burgeoning space industry launches constellations of satellites. To conduct their missions, military commanders need timely and accurate information from space assets, as well as robust and reliable communications.
  • 2020/03/25 PIPES Researchers Demonstrate Optical Interconnects to Improve Performance of Digital Microelectronics
    Under DARPA's Photonics in the Package for Extreme Scalability (PIPES) program, researchers from Intel and Ayar Labs have demonstrated early progress towards improving chip connectivity with photons – or light. Signaling over optical fibers enables the internet today and optical transceivers are ubiquitous in data centers, yet digital systems still rely upon the movement of […]
  • 2020/03/19 DARPA Demonstrates “Competition” Tool at Combatant Command
    Service members at U.S. Indo-Pacific Command headquarters in Hawaii recently tested a prototype DARPA system designed to help military analysts and planners determine if observed events – such as increased force movements, cyber intrusions, and civil unrest – are unconnected occurrences, or if they're part of an adversary's coordinated campaign to achieve strategic objectives in […]

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